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Constrain "Server's Files" start dierctory

mikeculbertson @ Wed Oct 29 19:18:05 EET 2014
Is there any way to constrain or direct the root of the "Server's Files" view when setting the VFS of a user? i.e. make it start in "/path/to/somwhere" rather than in "/" on the hosting server?

It needn't even be an enforced constraint, just a helpful tweak so admin users don't have to browse 7 levels deep to find relevant folders. Though, a chroot-like enforcement would be equally useful.
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spinkb @ Wed Oct 29 19:53:21 EET 2014
The right side of the drop down ons server's files remember prior frequent paths. Use that to grab a prior history item you have used.

But for your question no...just the history quick selector.

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