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WebDAV and Windows 7

bdearlove @ Tue Oct 28 13:41:20 EET 2014
Good Day All,
Trying to do WebDAV from Windows 7 and not getting it to work. I am following these instructions:

Just trying to connect to demo and even it is not working for me: I get "the folder you entered does not appear to be valid"
Anyone able to do it, and how? Thanks!

spinkb @ Tue Oct 28 15:15:52 EET 2014
Try our server now. It had an issue we have fixed.

tls_version in the prefs.xml file needs to have the SSLv2Hello item in it or webdav on windows fails.

bdearlove @ Tue Oct 28 15:43:48 EET 2014
Beauty, that worked. I checked my prefs.xml but could not find tls_version. Can this be added, if so, where/what or is there a document on it? Thanks!
spinkb @ Tue Oct 28 15:50:35 EET 2014
You need to update CrushFTP to have this. Its in 7.1.

bdearlove @ Tue Oct 28 15:53:35 EET 2014
Beauty, didn't even know there was a 7. I'll buy it soon, thanks!
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