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"User Not Found" Error @ Tue Oct 21 15:34:59 EEST 2014
I'm getting an error that reads "java.lang.Exception: User not found:[username]text

I searched the forums and found a few instances, but usually with the default user. This happened with about five users last night (including my user account); I was able to delete the user and recreate them.

Today, one of the users has had it happen again, and it's also happened to the crushadmin account - any idea why?

spinkb @ Tue Oct 21 15:36:13 EEST 2014
Is your disk almost full? Or possibly was full and now its not?

What exact CrushFTP version is this too?

Ben @ Tue Oct 21 15:39:19 EEST 2014
Good call, the disk is absolutely full; will the problem be rectified if I expand the drive, or will I need to recreate those users again?
spinkb @ Tue Oct 21 15:47:08 EEST 2014
The users were lost from the full disk and attempts to make updates into them. Crush tracks the prior 10 logins a user has made in their user.xml file but was unable to write that info.

So expand the drive and make the users again...setup log rolling in the prefs to keep the issue form occurring again too.

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