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CrushFTP Migration Mac OS X 10.9 to 10.7.5

24U @ Mon Oct 20 10:10:24 EEST 2014

I am trying to migrate a CrushFTP from a less powerful computer running Mac OS 10.9 to a more powerfull computer running Mac OS 10.7 (need the Mac Pro raid Array). Based on [url][/url] this forum topic, I thought this was going to be simple.

I have transferred both the CrushFTP directory and the shared folders to the 10.7 system only to find out that the CrushFTP app refuses to run. I have checked Java version, tried again but no joy.

Then, inspired by [url][/url] this Wiki article, I have tried to pretend, that I am upgrading from CrushFTP 6. I have downloaded a brand new version of CrushFTP directory, only copied what was suggested and the app runs, but I cannot log in as a "crushadmin" (or any of the regular users), authentification fails.

What is worse, by clicking "Remove Daemon / Service" on the 10.9 device as the Wiki suggested, something changed and again I could no longer login as crushadmin or any of the users. (Is it possible? I am not 100% sure about this, might have accidentally messed sth up, just don't remember properly). Anyway, trying to install the service again didn't help. After a day of messing with this issue, I have failed to migrate the accounts to the other device and even managed to mess up the device I was migrating from. Long story short, the TimeMachine saved my behind (as it often does).

Anyway, how does one Migrate CrushFTP between different versions of Mac OS X?
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Solyom84 @ Mon Oct 20 10:27:58 EEST 2014
Hi, 24U.

Can you email us directly so that we can do a screen sharing session with you and see what might be the issue?
You can email us at

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