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Basic upgrade questions + changing default port 8080

bdp @ Fri Oct 17 10:47:35 EEST 2014
I provide support for a group that uses an older version of CrushFTP (version 5). They need to upgrade a couple of machines to v7. I've looked at the new software and have some questions.

At this time they only allow external SFTP access on an alternate port (115). CrushFTP 5 is also configured to serve https:// on 8081 but institutional firewall rules don't allow external access. The only web access is from the machine itself via localhost.

I've downloaded version 7 and only appear to have a web-based admin console. I assume that given the above I would have to admin from a browser on that machine and that the default admin port is on 8080?

They also run software that has an embedded web server that already uses port 8080 on the same server.
I find that launching CrushFTP in demo mode breaks the ability for that software to serve its web pages. Changing that port is not feasible.

Is there a configuration file that I can modify so that CrushFTP will not serve on 8080?

What I would ideally like to do is only enable SFTP (but on port 115) and have on-machine admin https admin access on a different port.

Is there a way to transfer their v5 settings to v7?

-- Brad

bdp @ Fri Oct 17 11:26:58 EEST 2014
I'll answer some of my own questions.

(1) If I temporarily turn off the other app that uses 8080 I can login to the web admin console from the server and remove the servers I don't need (ftp:21, http:8080, https:443)

I'll end up with
* http://lookup:9090
* sftp://lookup:115 (I successfully changed this port)


I still need to know if there is a way to transfer settings from version 5 to 7.

Also would it be possible to configure an apache rewrite rule that would allow external access to the admin console? That is how the other app that uses 8080 is accessed.



spinkb @ Mon Oct 20 15:14:09 EEST 2014
Sorry for the delay, the general questions doesn't get monitored in realtime like the support questions forum does.

Copy the prefs.xml and users from v5 to v7. That keeps your settings.

You can use a reverse proxy in front of CrushFTP, that is fine...ideally with a whole domain name. If by subdir, then you have to tell CrushFTP the subdir its behind. Example /files/ or whatever you configured in Apache.

But the port numbers are not just need to know what you set them to.

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