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singleSyncher 4?

Philip.Vuong @ Thu Oct 16 12:35:56 EEST 2014

We have a process that moves about 3gb of image files from one server to our crush central server, then another process that picks up those images.

The push from the source server to our central server is giving us this error:

Errors: singleSyncher 4: com.crushsync.sync.SyncSFTP.getList:179 com.crushsync.sync.SyncSFTP.getList:112 com.crushsync.sync.Sync$1$

I am unsure how to debug this. We are in the process of upgrading and am not sure if upgrading will clear this issue or not.

Please let me know.
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spinkb @ Thu Oct 16 18:05:36 EEST 2014
This error is in reference to CrushSync trying to get a file list, and it is failing for some reason.

The CrushFTP logs, or CrushSync log file will tell you more information bout what failed and why. But from this error alone, nothing more can be understood.

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