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[Solved] Delete Job Error

Jared Parish @ Mon Oct 13 15:12:36 EEST 2014
Hello Ben and others,
I'm trying to delete a job but receive an error when doing so. The procedure I follow is: 1. Check box next to the job. 2. Click delete. 3. Receive red box with Error: Error while removing schedule : .

One observation is I used an ' in the name of the job. The error message contains the job name up to, but not including the '.

1. How do I see a more detailed error message.
2. How do I delete this job.

Thank you,

Jared Parish @ Mon Oct 13 15:21:15 EEST 2014
After I posted, I had the thought to rename the job and then delete. I renamed the job to not include the '. Then deleted the job and it successfully deleted.

spinkb @ Tue Oct 14 04:33:00 EEST 2014
New build fixes deleting as well.

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