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URL to user's folder path

wchildress @ Sat Sep 27 18:47:18 EEST 2014
I need to be able to send a user a URL without complete username and password to a subfolder in their own designated VFS which is also in an assigned virtual directory. We process files and want to send them a link to the folder that has the results but still require them to login with at least putting in their password. This needs to be a fairly automated process. I hoping to not have to constantly create shares or miniURLs. Is this possible?

FYI - we use email addresses as usernames


spinkb @ Sun Sep 28 04:01:23 EEST 2014
In their VFS, they would be inside their home folder if that is their email or whatever.

So you could send out hard coded emails like this:{1path}{2path}

Or whatever part of a path from your own user that was used the email is their username.

So in your account, if you uploaded in /uploads/ then that would be {2path} to get the 2nd segment of that full path. Adding it on the URL you sent them just causes the login.html page to pre-fill the username for them as a convenience, but its not necessary.

But since every user has their own VFS, you can't simulate a full link into their account unless you have a matching folder structure for them as well.

wchildress @ Mon Sep 29 11:33:50 EEST 2014
Thanks Ben. Quick and great response as always. I was leaving off the parent VFS directory.

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