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Reverse Proxy - CrushFTP7 not saving configuration to apache.conf

typ993 @ Thu Sep 25 17:52:12 EEST 2014
I've read the other posts on reverse proxy issues and am trying to set up Crush to have requests to proxied from Apache to Crush.

If I set up the reverse proxy information in the CrushFTP interface (and using the 10.8 webapp plist), CrushFTP should supposedly write that configuration to apache.conf in the CrushFTP app package. However, after saving the reverse proxy configuration in CrushFTP, if I look at apache.conf, the modification date is unchanged and it doesn't reflect the information I've entered. If I log out of CrushFTP admin and log back in, the proxy configuration is still there, so it's definitely being retained within CrushFTP itself, just apparently not written out to the conf file that Apache would then read.

Any ideas what could be going on here?

spinkb @ Fri Sep 26 02:39:08 EEST 2014
That file is just a template file for you to use and install into apache. CrushFTP won't ever be changing that file for any reason.

You just need to follow the guide on the wiki page for configuring reverse proxy in apache.

The config your making in CrushFTP settings is for CrushFTP, and is unrelated. Follow the guide carefully.

typ993 @ Fri Sep 26 11:53:56 EEST 2014
But if I understand the plist correctly, it is pointing to that apache.conf file within the CrushFTP package as an Apache include file. The wiki doesn't say anything about either editing that file in place, moving it someplace else, or editing the path to point to another location. This is the wiki section titled "Lion Server 10.7 / MT Lion 10.8", in between Leopard Server and the Alternate Lion Server 10.7 / MT Lion 10.8.

Otherwise, it might make more sense to just specify the complete reverse proxy setup within the plist file itself (as shown in the "com.example.mywebapp.plist" in the ML Server webapps folder) and be done with it. In that case, is there anything you would need to do on the CrushFTP end to set it up as a reverse proxy?
spinkb @ Fri Sep 26 11:58:15 EEST 2014
If you reverse proxy an entire domain, then you change nothing in CrushFTP.

If you do a sub dir, then you must tell CrushFTP the subdir in the reverse proxy config.

I see nowhere in our guide where we tell you to point apache to that plist. We tell you to copy it out...

typ993 @ Fri Sep 26 12:31:30 EEST 2014
When you copy the plist to the webapps folder, you are telling Apache to use the instructions in that file ("sudo webappctl start com.crushftp"). And one of those instructions is to use the include file found at "/Applications/CrushFTP6_OSX/". Of course, this works fine, as long as you've set up port 9090 for CrushFTP (as shown in the wiki). If you want to use a different port, then you either need to edit the plist, edit and move the apache.conf file someplace else (and point the plist at the new location), or use the alternate server setup.

Or am I overlooking something really obvious here? :?:
spinkb @ Fri Sep 26 13:27:20 EEST 2014
Its been too long since I wrote those instructions. :)

The way OSX is setup to separate apps into app containers, you kind of need to do separate plist file definitions. All could be in the file, that is up to you, and not do an include.

The instructions we have are not a secret method to make CrushFTP work. We had to figure rout Apple's convoluted system of adding a reverse proxy in newer versions of the OS, and this is what we came up with as being the easiest way we could figure out...which we still aren't big fans of. But its all we figured out.

So if you have a different way you want to do reverse proxy that works, by all means do it. Any way that accomplishes the goal of reverse proxy is absolutely fine.

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