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problem while deleting folders

Neon @ Wed Sep 24 13:53:58 EEST 2014
I'm sure this will be easy, but I'm stumped.

CrushFTP version 6.3.0 build 71

My users are allowed to create and delete folders. However, I can't actually delete folders, even if they are empty and not in use. I log into an account, select an empty folder, and click delete. I get the error

[quote]Problem with deleting

There was a problem while deleting.
Please retry. Error : " user_the_command_data " deletion failed. (Item not empty, or in use.)[/quote]

spinkb @ Wed Sep 24 14:01:50 EEST 2014
Very first thing to try is to update to v6.5. There may have been a bug related to this...and your a ways out of date.

So update first and see if the issue remains.

Let me know,
Neon @ Wed Sep 24 14:02:39 EEST 2014
Thanks! I'll try that out.
Neon @ Wed Sep 24 15:03:28 EEST 2014
Nicely enough, that did fix it. Upgraded to 6.5 and I can now delete folders.

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