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Link to file/folder with umlaut in the name does not work

conex-gmbh @ Wed Sep 24 09:35:13 EEST 2014

We are using the latest version of CrushFTP on a Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Server. As most of our clients and suppliers are working in Germany, they're often uploading files and folders of which the file-/foldernames contain German umlauts (ä, ü, ö, ...). Uploading and downloading is no problem, but links/shares to this files/folders do not work.

With Chrome we get a blank page with the error message "The selected resource was not found."

With IE and Firefox we get the login screen, but after entering the login data, nothing happens.

(Chrome, IE and Firefox in latest version on 64 Bit Win 7)

Is this a known issue or is it a problem of our configuration?

Best regards

spinkb @ Wed Sep 24 11:57:55 EEST 2014
What version of CrushFTP is this?

Is your windows version using english localization?

This is definitely not a known limitations and we work with all UTF8 chars, dealt with japanese characters just today.

Let me know,
conex-gmbh @ Thu Sep 25 00:33:37 EEST 2014
Hi Ben,

it's Version 7.1.0 Build : 7, running on a German version of Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter SP1 (64Bit).

As far as I can see, the server is only using the German localization.

I can send you an access to our crush ftp installation, if this could help.

Best regards
spinkb @ Thu Sep 25 02:03:58 EEST 2014
First, update your CrushFTP by clicking update now to move to 7.1.0_149+.

Then see if you still have issues.

Let me know,
conex-gmbh @ Thu Sep 25 02:13:41 EEST 2014
Hm, the update now results in Version 7.1.0_148, not in 149+...

The problem remains the same.

BR Jan
spinkb @ Thu Sep 25 02:14:38 EEST 2014
Email us directly at support for access info so we can test further.

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