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Different Server Access - Need a Refresher

dcstalls @ Mon Sep 22 15:40:27 EEST 2014
I have CrushFTP setup using the LDAP module and everything works perfect.

However I have a developer that needs different access. By default all users get a folder "D"FTProot%USERNAME%" when they login to upload to. My developer needs an account that is integrated with AD, but also needs to be able to upload/download files that are in a different directory. Essentially a virtual directory - I have tried and failed repeatedly to setup. Any ideas?

I am testing using HTTPS at the moment. When he logs in i would like for him to see the directories and be able to upload/download files to them. The directories he needs access to are:


spinkb @ Mon Sep 22 15:48:03 EEST 2014
Create a group for him in AD.

Configure that group in the plugin to be tied to a User Manager template account. Give access in that template account to the specified folders.

Anyone who logs in who is a member of that AD role, now gets those folders (him).

dcstalls @ Mon Sep 22 15:50:58 EEST 2014
[quote]Give access in that template account to the specified folders. [/quote]

How do I do this part?
spinkb @ Mon Sep 22 15:53:41 EEST 2014
Make a user in the user manager called "the_special". Give "the_special" access to the additional folders.

Now in the plugin, specify for the role "cn=Specials,ou=Development,dc=domain.dc=com" to reference "the_special".

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