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Import as tab delimited text

DirkM @ Thu Sep 18 04:45:55 EEST 2014

has anyone the coloum description what can be importet from a tab delimited file for the user import?

At the moment i have folowing:

Coloum 1: Username
Coloum 2: password
Coloum 3: HomeDir
Coloum 4: eMail
Coloum 5: 1 name
Coloum 6: 2 name

Coloum x:

Any documentation about next coloums?

spinkb @ Thu Sep 18 12:37:32 EEST 2014
These are the columns.


DirkM @ Thu Sep 18 14:21:36 EEST 2014
Thanks Ben, that's was the info i searched for.
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