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Windows 7.1.0_15 - Problem with Thumbnails & Cut/Copy & Paste - Incorrect row index?

david.turner @ Wed Sep 17 02:52:54 EEST 2014
Hi I'm new here,
Trying out a new install of CrushFTP v7.1.0_15 on Windows Server 2008 R2.

It appears that WebInterface Previews/Thumbnails are being generated against the 'next' file in the list. Mouse-over and Previewing only works when a folder contains at least [u]two[/u] images/videos, and mousing over the second file shows the thumbnail for the first file. The CrushFTP_Root/Preview/ folder data looks fine, generated previews/thumbnails in those directories are all good.

Secondly, Copy / Paste / Drag-drop functions don't work. Raising error that you can't paste over itself.

I suspect there is some problem with the WebInterface like JQuery code row indexing, but have not looked in detail yet? Has anyone else reported this problem?

I noticed on another post, another user is running 7.1.0_35, but this build is not yet available for Windows on 'Download' link, is this newer build available?

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spinkb @ Wed Sep 17 03:00:57 EEST 2014
The current build is 7.1.0_131+.

Click update now to be updated, or the download on the web page is *always* the latest, so _35 is an old build already by now.

So update now to get a new build.

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