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Need help - Sending files using FTP

vasu @ Wed Aug 27 11:00:53 EEST 2014
Hello All,

I am trying to send files in a batch using FTP. Below is my scenario

I have an application which is reading remote host cred from secured files. My plan is to pass (user, pwd, target dir, source dir, transfer type etc) in the body of HTTP post to Crush.

Can Crush extract FTP information from HTTP message body and use it to FTP files from source to target?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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spinkb @ Thu Aug 28 18:35:20 EEST 2014
7.1.0_106 could...

Configure a user in the User Manager, setup an event, for when they accept disclaimer, do it immediately, crush task, user defined plugin.

In your HTTP call, do it like this:

Now your CrushTask, needs a few things.

UserVariable, make a new variable, "variable2" with value {variable1}. Then another UserVariable, assign "myuser2" with {myuser} and one more: thepass2 with {thepass}

After those user variable assignments, do an exclude * to remove the virtual item that was passed to the task.

Now you can do a Find to go find files from somewhere referencing your new variables, and use a Copy task to copy them to another location.

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