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Limited admin will not accept the click for allowing users

blackduck @ Mon Aug 18 09:48:06 EEST 2014
I have read -

I am on version 7.0.2.

I attempted the setup as defined in the documentation. But it will never allow me to save giving user management privileges. In addition the UI does not look the same for me.

I have confirmed the following.

The user I am trying to give limited admin privileges to have access to all VFS share. The user is NOT in the group I am giving him admin privileges to.

The Workflow:
Screenshot one ( : No limited admin roles shown (different then from instructions), but if I click on "Setup Roles" I am brought to a limited admin selection screen. This also shows I have defined the group that I want this user to access.

Screenshot two ( : Shows the limited admin roles screen that came up and that I selected everything.

Screenshot three ( : After I save the limited admin role screen with everything selected I open it up and the "Allow viewing all users in the user manager." and "Allow viewing and editing of users in the user manager" are never checked. I can check them again, but the checks never get saved.

How do I get that page to save the configuration I need?
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spinkb @ Mon Aug 18 15:49:21 EEST 2014
First things first...update to CrushFTP 7.1. Do not stay not he older build, especially if you are encountering an issue as its very possible we have fixed the issue here.

If you are using Limited Admin, you do not enable the user edit permissions. These are contrary to each other. User edit means the user can see and edit all users...

Limited amid needs three things.

1. A group, called your admin group name...subadmins
2. A user with any name you want...bob for example. , and bob has the filed for limited admin set as "subadmins" and the role enabled for limited admin.
3. A user with the same name as the admin group name....subadmins

Both bob, and the subadmin user should have the same filesystem in their VFS...or at a minimum, bob needs at least the same access as the subadmin has.

Now when bob logs in, he can go to the User Manager and make new users who will be added into the subadmins group.

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