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java.lang.Exception: User not found:defaulttext Username : default

JohnQ @ Wed Aug 13 23:39:22 EEST 2014
I am running Windows Server 2012 essentials. Trying to get this installed for a client to test out. And get this error when trying to add a new user.

java.lang.Exception: User not found:defaulttext Username : default

Any ideas? When I tried to run the program it said the folder was "locked" and suggested that I run as admin, so I did, and got into the system, but now can't add a user.

Other functionality appears to be working, I was able to add a footer, etc.



JohnQ @ Wed Aug 13 23:42:33 EEST 2014
P.S. I am running - Version 7.1.0 Build : 76
spinkb @ Thu Aug 14 02:09:22 EEST 2014
Are you still running as an admin?

Has the service been installed and it's running under a different account now?

Your running from some local HD on the machine?

JohnQ @ Thu Aug 14 09:40:05 EEST 2014
Yes, I am running as crushadmin using the account your system made for me.

Service has been installed but not the Daemon service, as I need to pay for it before it can install.

Yes, on the C: drive.
spinkb @ Thu Aug 14 09:42:35 EEST 2014
Close the CrushFTP app. Right click, and run as an admin again, without access restrictions.

Start the temp server, and then check the User Manager. Still have an error?

JohnQ @ Thu Aug 14 10:20:18 EEST 2014

a red box comes up in the upper right corner it says "Failure java.lang.Exception: User not found:defaulttext Username : default"

JohnQ @ Thu Aug 14 10:25:25 EEST 2014
Maybe there is something wrong with your recent build?

I noticed in your build files there is a folder called users, then a folder called MainUsers

Then there is is a crushadmin folder

and a folder called TempAccount the contents of the xml in the tempaccount look incomplete, like maybe the initial default user was inadvertantly left out or something.


spinkb @ Thu Aug 14 11:23:33 EEST 2014
Delete your default user in that MainUsers folder, then reload the User things work then?

If not, email us directly at support so we can assist further.

JohnQ @ Thu Aug 14 14:08:30 EEST 2014
That worked!

Now how do I set this up to be visible from outside this server? Do you have a link or instructions somewhere?


Solyom84 @ Thu Aug 14 15:17:45 EEST 2014
Hi, JohnQ.

You need to open the given ports used in CrushFTP on your OS firewall (if enabled) and on the router port forwarding settings as well.
If you have a statical IP or DNS name then that can be used to access your server.

JohnQ @ Thu Aug 14 16:17:10 EEST 2014
Opened up two ports through the firewall, it works!


John Q.
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