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Search not working properly

p1bhatia @ Thu Aug 07 15:39:54 EEST 2014
The search does not find the file or content. Parent folder search of test123.txt the file and it fails to find the file with the following error. Is the default SELECT correct in crushftp?

True path is /MP/shared/abc123/test123.txt


08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM|Search:Connecting to db, executing sql:SELECT * FROM SEARCH_INFO WHERE ITEM_PATH LIKE ? : /MP/shared/abc123/%,
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM|Search:Got DB results:200
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM|Listing results size for search:0
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM|[HTTPS:16661:abc123:] WROTE: *HTTP/1.1 200 OK*
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM|[HTTPS:16661:abc123:] WROTE: *{
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM| "privs" : "(VIEW)",
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM| "path" : "/abc123/",
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM| "defaultStrings" : "",
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM| "site" : "",
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM| "quota" : "",
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM| "listing" : []
08/07/2014 02:55:17 PM|}*

Connecting with MSSQL2008R2 / tika-app.jar version 1.5 / sqljdbc4.jar / Crushftp

spinkb @ Thu Aug 07 17:39:58 EEST 2014
The default select should be correct...

Has your filesystem been indexed by the search yet?

The way search works with a DB is that you configure a user who has access to the same VFS areas that you will want searched. Then it loops through all files processing them and adding them into the DB.

Then, and only then, will searches work against the DB.

p1bhatia @ Fri Aug 08 09:21:22 EEST 2014
Yes, I can see the entries in the table but still no luck with the search. I can log in and can see the files. Is there anything else you can suggest I should look into?
spinkb @ Fri Aug 08 09:41:56 EEST 2014
I think this means your table isn't quite right...

Its missing "ITEM_MODIFIED" as one of the fields....or its null.

That is how you get 200 results, and 0 items returned.

p1bhatia @ Fri Aug 08 09:45:59 EEST 2014
this is how I created the table, I found it somewhere in the forum

rid numeric(11, 0) default NULL,
item_path varchar(1000) default NULL,
item_type varchar(10) default NULL,
item_size varchar(20) default NULL,
item_modified varchar(20) default NULL,
item_keywords varchar(2000) default NULL

I looked into item_modified and it is populated, does it need to be date data type?
spinkb @ Fri Aug 08 09:54:30 EEST 2014
Update to new build now and see if this resolves the issue for you.

Let me know,
p1bhatia @ Fri Aug 08 09:56:36 EEST 2014
it looks like up to date:

CrushFTP is up to date (Version 7.1.0_23)
spinkb @ Fri Aug 08 10:13:30 EEST 2014
Click update now and test.
p1bhatia @ Fri Aug 08 10:45:46 EEST 2014
We updated with the new build and dropped the column id 'rid' and it is working now. Do you think 'rid' column has any impact in search not working?
spinkb @ Fri Aug 08 10:48:01 EEST 2014
Shouldn't matter...the update is what i think fixed the issue.
p1bhatia @ Fri Aug 08 10:51:01 EEST 2014
OK, thank you so much!
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