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Share Button Does Not show up

toddb @ Thu Jul 31 14:46:50 EEST 2014
I plan on buying the Enterprise edition if I can work out a few problems.

I have LDAP working and when a new user logs in their Home directory is created. However how do I have that be their Share folder by default so I do not have to set that up as admin every time a new user logs in.

Also I have Added the "Share" button and "Manage Shares" buttons for the "Default" user which should make those two buttons show up for all LDAP users that log in, but the buttons do not display.

What have I missed.

Kind Regards,

spinkb @ Thu Jul 31 15:00:21 EEST 2014
Their home folder has permissions associated with it. Those permissions are configured in the lower half of the LDAP plugin's panel.
So having the buttons on the default user is good, but you also need to enable the [ ] Share permission box for their home folder defaults.
toddb @ Thu Jul 31 15:23:27 EEST 2014
So I have to Check the Share Permissions Box for each users home folder as they login for the first time? is there not a global way to set that to give share permissions on their Home folder "Automatically"
thanks for the fast response.

Also because I am using LDAP I do not have and local users to click on to turn on the share permissions. I just have the Default user to select and the view the folder selection on the Right to set permissions.

but when I did that the Share Buttons showed up but now I can see everyone's folders, not just mine.
spinkb @ Thu Jul 31 15:30:31 EEST 2014
I'm not quite following...

Any auto generated folders and permissions that are created for them have default permissions to assign...including the Share permission along with upload, download, delete, etc.

User accounts from LDAP are normally virtual unless you tell the plugin to only validate credentials, and then go to the User Manager to find the matching surname...if it exists. But few people should configure the plugin to act like that.

Email us at support directly with screenshots of your ldap plugin config.

toddb @ Thu Jul 31 15:44:02 EEST 2014
Ok, I looked at my LDAP settings in the Plugin and the Share/Publish was Unchecked.

I added the Check and it worked as it should.

Thank you for your help, I will probably Buy the Enterprise 1 tomorrow and then finish my setup/Rollout

you fast responses to my request in this forum helped me make up my mind. The $1000 will be WELL spent.

Very nice product!
tomorrow I will try to setup the Dropbox type client that you have and test it out.

Thanks again for your fast help.
Kind Regards,
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