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jbarlow @ Thu Jul 31 13:39:51 EEST 2014
Hi everyone,

I'm running CrushFTP version 7.1.0_36 on a Windows 2012 server. I was happy to see that using an iPad I can stream video through the web interface.

But, I have .mts files and .avi files that don't play on an ipad that I would also like to stream.

Anyone know of any solutions (other than converting the files, my collection is too big) for being able to stream video using CrushFTP server? It doesn't have to be through the web interface, and it doesn't have to be on an iPad. I'll take any way it works.

For example, can I serve up the files using WebDAV and people can watch the video using a local client?
Just looking for any ideas at all.

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spinkb @ Fri Aug 01 15:33:00 EEST 2014
VLC could probably handle it...

But I would instead suggest using handbrake and letting it churn away converting your videos from whatever format to a H.264 compatible with everything format.

Maybe it takes a week to run...but in t eh end, you have better files, and likely even smaller compressed H.264 formatted files.

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