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java.lang.Exception: User not found:joeblow

sloeckle @ Thu Jul 31 11:27:16 EEST 2014
Hey Everyone,

I'm testing CrushFTP for likely purchase in a couple days assuming we can get this one issue fixed. I have the product successfully setup on a Debian 7 box with Active Directory authentication and group mapping working perfectly. The users can login, accounts and home directories get created automatically and everyone can upload and download files.

However, when the crushadmin account goes to the userlist in the control panel, we receive the error java.lang.Exception: User not found:joeblow when trying to look at the details of one of the users automatically created by the LDAP login process.

We can look at the details of the default, crushftp and any user I create manually but not the automatically created users with the ldap plugin.

We can actually delete the ldap users and they can recreate their account by logging back in, but we just can't view the details.

Please advise.



spinkb @ Thu Jul 31 11:29:01 EEST 2014
Look in your CrushFTP folder, users folder, MainUsers, and one of these fake usernames.

What is in them?

Users should not be showing in the User Manager at all if they are LDAP.

You should never point data folders into this CrushFTP user db folder.

What exact version are you using too?

sloeckle @ Thu Jul 31 11:35:31 EEST 2014
Thanks for the quick response Ben! The version is Version 7.1.0 Build : 44.

There is nothing in that folder except for the folders and files that the user puts there. Upon new user login, the folder is empty.

The users automatically pop into the users list after they login for the first time.

"You should never point data folders into this CrushFTP user db folder." - I'm not sure I understand this.

spinkb @ Thu Jul 31 11:46:57 EEST 2014
You pointed your ldap plugin to the CrushFTP user database folder which can *only* hold Xml field CrushFTP puts there and manages.

Putting user data there is unsafe, and technically corrupts the user database.

Please adjust your LDPA plugin and use your own location, not the CrushFTP DB location. Its not meant for your own data.

sloeckle @ Thu Jul 31 11:53:17 EEST 2014
That solved the problem! The users no longer show up in the user list. So how do we modify these users now? Do we just make changes to the default user and these changes propagate?

Thanks for the speedy response. Customer service is a large portion of our decision making in purchasing software.

spinkb @ Thu Jul 31 12:19:49 EEST 2014
Typically you don't. LDAP users are virtual, they exist at login, based on the defined scenarios you make for them.

You don't want to be creating every user in the User Manager do you? You can, but its not ideal...

If you need specific settings, you can do that with group/role mapping in ldap and a specific template username in the User Manager.

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