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CrushTask Move from root only

juppy @ Wed Jul 30 02:19:45 EEST 2014
We try to create a CrushTask that will move downloaded files to an user-specific archiv folder. So far we got it up running, but we fail on restricting the function to users root Directory only. I.e. if the users Downloads form his subfolder "Uploads", those files are not supposed to move.

In documentation we couldn't find a sample on how to use the "Only if the download from below directory"
We tried so far "/", "/{user_name}/", /*/, but None would trigger.

The whole setup should be usabel by inheriting it to a specific user.

Any ideas?

PS: I also suggest to add a link in the variable help page, that leads to all the general variables available.
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spinkb @ Wed Jul 30 09:30:36 EEST 2014
The way the event works, its always a "starts with" scenario.

So it would be /uploads/ or /downloads/ or /folder1/

But you can say only if in folder /stuff/ but not in folder /stuff/folder2/

Do do something like that, the event should be left at its default of everything, then run the crush task, and in the crush task, do an exclude first for items matching:


And anything else you want excluded, and then what remains is what will be processed.

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