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File Locking

Duncan @ Fri Jul 25 05:44:33 EEST 2014

Does anyone know how to configure crushftp so that it releases the lock on files that are uploaded to it via sftp?

Currently the only way I can get it to release the file lock is to restart crush ftp.

I'm running version 7.0.2 Build 192 on Windows 2008 R2 Standard


spinkb @ Fri Jul 25 05:51:49 EEST 2014
Why don't your try v 7. 1 and see if you still have an issue?
Duncan @ Fri Jul 25 09:25:25 EEST 2014
I have upgraded to Version 7.1.0 Build 35 but the same issue applies.
spinkb @ Fri Jul 25 13:58:39 EEST 2014
I cannot replicate ethos issue here...there must be something else going on.

I can verify the files are in use while uploading here, but once the upload completes, the files are not in use.

Plus, this would be a very big and widespread problem if this was affecting everyone.

Why do you think they are still in use and locked?

Does the file have a size to it after uploading?

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