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External upload forms

EveBert @ Sun Jul 20 15:21:55 EEST 2014
I created a complex calculation form that requires triggering the users event of emailing the alert for uploading with the form data included, can this be done through Crush Tasks. Or just call the built in email sender for posting.

spinkb @ Mon Jul 21 10:17:09 EEST 2014
The on Connect event can trigger a crush task, and an email event in it, you can then reference each from relents value with the {item_name} type reference, or {this_is_my_field} etc. Everything inside the curly brackets is the form elements name.

EveBert @ Thu Jul 24 08:51:55 EEST 2014
What would be the best way to call a html page using the Crush Task. I tried calling the file name to open on Connect, but that doesn't seem to work. I can call the file from a customized button using a dot slash at the front of the path . Could it be I need a different approach.
On another note, if I had access to the value parameters of the upload form through the customized web forms in preferences this would be easier. For example, I have a select menu that would display 8 1/8 inches to the viewer but have a value="8.125" for calculating within javascript, or be able to inject my custom form into the customized forms of preferences.
spinkb @ Thu Jul 24 09:03:05 EEST 2014
I believe when making the select item, you can separate display and value with a colon and it will be honored when rendering it.

On your html page...I don't get what your asking really, explain more please.

EveBert @ Sun Jul 27 13:49:20 EEST 2014
What I really need is to be able to call a users event to email with data from a form not created through the Preferences/WebInterface/Custom Forms panel. The built in form builder is not adequate for what i need.
spinkb @ Sun Jul 27 17:08:02 EEST 2014
That is a very complex issue, and not something I can help describe. It can be done, but its not something that we are going to encourage or support. If you know how to do it, you would do it...but we unfortunately can't spend the time to teach something as complex as that.

The built in forms will do what you asked having a displayed value which is different from what is submitted. They can also do more complicated cascading features to show different items based on prior from item selections, making the from much more dynamic.

EveBert @ Sun Jul 27 17:53:38 EEST 2014
Thank you.
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