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Instant disconnects on every port after crash

bcostello @ Sat Jul 19 15:12:09 EEST 2014
We had our server that happens to run CrushFTP lock up yesterday, and after rebooting, our CrushFTP server was unable to start any working services.

Each of the expected ports would listen, and would connect, but then instantly disconnect. After each connection attempt, our CrushFTP.log has logs like this:

07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|[FTP:lookup:21][23] Accepting connection from:
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|23-
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|java.lang.NullPointerException
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|crushftp.handlers.SharedSession.get:204
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|crushftp.server.ServerSession.drain_log:3042
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|crushftp.server.ServerSession.add_log:3032
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|crushftp.server.ServerSession.add_log:3011
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|
07/19/2014 01:03:54 PM|[FTP:23::] *Disconnected.*

Is there some procedure or additional information I could supply to help debug this issue?

We're running CrustFTP 7.0.2_41 on Windows server 2008
We have a sync partner configured, which is currently handling our FTP traffic, and it appears to be working perfectly.

Thank you for any help anyone can provide,
Brian Costello
SmartAction, Inc

spinkb @ Sat Jul 19 15:33:11 EEST 2014
Update to 7.1, this should fix the issue.

There is something going wrong with your sessions here, and 7.1 has a lot of fixes for sessions.

bcostello @ Sat Jul 19 15:35:12 EEST 2014
Thank you, I'll give that a shot now.

bcostello @ Sat Jul 19 16:08:25 EEST 2014
Update: After installing the updated files and re-installing the service, everything started working again. Thank you!

- bc
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