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Not detecting home directory

p1bhatia @ Fri Jul 18 13:58:46 EEST 2014
Crushftp is not detecting the home directory with same name as user when registering the user. Ben can please suggest that could be wrong. and the issue is intermittent sometimes it detects the folder, but sometime it doen't.

spinkb @ Fri Jul 18 14:34:02 EEST 2014
I'm not quite sure what you mean by detecting the home folder...there is no method that does what you describe there.

Please explain more.

p1bhatia @ Fri Jul 18 14:52:16 EEST 2014
I was referring to the option of selecting "Allow access to old home folders" in Home Directory plugin.
spinkb @ Fri Jul 18 15:18:07 EEST 2014
Still a little confused...

So you a re using homedir, and you have it enabled to allow access to old homers, and its sometimes allowing old access, and sometimes not?
spinkb @ Tue Jul 22 15:02:56 EEST 2014
This issue may have been a bug with our SFTP VFS. Was this with SFTP? We just fixed a bug with it.

Let me know,
spinkb @ Tue Jul 22 15:58:52 EEST 2014
And just to followup and confirm your expectation on the HomeDir plugin, i wanted to provide more about the features in it.

You can set the unique time stamp, and prepend the username. If the user were to login twice in a time period that still creates the same home folder, then it will be erased if the allow access to old home folders is not enabled.

The allow access doesn't mean it will let the user access prior date stamped home folders, it means their home folder won't be erased on login if you have it set to always generate.

As far as I can tell looking at the history of this plugin, it has been this way forever. So if you were expecting something else, then that would be wrong.

p1bhatia @ Tue Jul 22 16:36:15 EEST 2014
Thank you Ben, this issue is resolved after upgrading into new version.
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