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Listing of files in a directory with more than 35K entries not displaying in web or sftp

p1bhatia @ Thu Jul 17 08:30:01 EEST 2014
Hi, I looked through the forums and tried the configuration listing_multithreaded as true, and it didn't help, is there any other setting you can suggest that can overcome this issue?


spinkb @ Thu Jul 17 08:57:15 EEST 2014
Try FTP as a test, does it work there? That will help us to know if the multithreading is working.

The web stands no chance of displaying this much without a massive memory chunk assigned to CrushFTP.

Let me know,
p1bhatia @ Thu Jul 17 09:05:19 EEST 2014
thank you for quick reply Ben, It is a test server and ftp did work once but it took quite a while, is there any setting which can be specify to show "first 100 or so entries" also I like to know what is the setting for memory chunk can be applied to display this data, what will be the recommended settings etc. I am just trying to find out all the options.

Thanks again!
spinkb @ Thu Jul 17 09:28:33 EEST 2014
What exact version is this?

p1bhatia @ Thu Jul 17 10:35:36 EEST 2014
7.1 the latest.
spinkb @ Thu Jul 17 17:53:57 EEST 2014
The latest build now supports multithreaded listings on SFTP too. So both FTP and SFTP can do this.

However, in my testing, the OpenSSH client doesn't bother displaying the listing until it has all caches it in memory before showing it. This isn't because of CrushFTP not providing it in chunks though anymore, as we just added that capability, and verified in t eh code it is actually occurring.

So its up to your SFTP client to do multithreading to display the list as its incoming.


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