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Problems with FTP

starfish @ Wed Jul 16 23:32:20 EEST 2014
I am trying to figure out a problem with https and was curious to know if you had to have an SSL before attempting to use it? We plan on getting one, but when I test it for functionality, I just get message that "The connection was reset".

spinkb @ Thu Jul 17 01:55:08 EEST 2014
That sounds more like your IP has been banned, or you tried configuring the SSL to use a non existent keystore or something besides the defaults.

Out of the box, HTTPS is operations and ready.

To make your server trusted, you definitely need to purchase one, but its functional with your usual browser warnings at any time.

What is logged on your attempts, and what exact CrushFTP version is this?

starfish @ Thu Jul 17 07:22:36 EEST 2014
The IP has not been banned as I have added an exception to the whole range and can access the server with no issues through http. It doesn't even work from the local host.

I will be purchasing one, but want to make sure everything is functional first.

The version is 7.1.0_8. I checked the logs as I was not sure where to look before and see that port 443 is already in use. I have tried tracking it down but been unsuccessful thus far. I will continue looking into that. I can telnet to the port with no problem but don't see anything else.

One odd thing I just noticed is that the server sees constant failed logins all from internal PC's. I think this has been going on since I installed it but I don't know what would be slamming the server. I guess that is what I get for having to put this on an existing box.
spinkb @ Thu Jul 17 07:29:17 EEST 2014
Change the CrushFTP port 443 to be 4443.

Then try your HTTPS port. If you can still connect...even if it drops you quickly, then something else is running using port 443. I would assume IIS.

Remove IIS, or change IIS to use some other port so CrushFTP can get the port instead.

starfish @ Thu Jul 17 07:59:50 EEST 2014
So it turns out I was on the right track and just missing something. When I started the setup, this server was a RRAS server. I finally got it moved to a different computer but was still having a problem. I just found that the services for RRAS were still set to start automatically and it was taking port 443 still. That issue is now fixed.

Do you have any ideas on the failed logins? It is currently at 35 successful, which is about right for the testing we have been doing on it. It also has over 2,035,000 failed login attempts. This could be why I was getting banned internal IP addresses and had to add the internal subnet to the never ban list. None of the servers are having problems, only client machines.

The server is a file server, is running FileZilla FTP, and is a print server. I think this should be the last bigger issue needed to purchase and move into production.
spinkb @ Thu Jul 17 09:17:13 EEST 2014
Look at the CrushFTP.log. It should be logging all those failed you know what machine tried to connect, and what surname its trying with to give you an idea of what process was expecting to be able to connect.

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