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Banning and load balancer.

codewzrd @ Mon Jul 14 11:06:14 EEST 2014

At work here, we have 2 instances running on 2 servers. Both servers are behind a load balancer. So each CrushFTP sees the load balancer's IP address as the incoming IP address.

Currently, we have added the load balancer's IP address to the do not ban list. I'd like to re-enable the banning functionality but I don't think it's possible in our setup.


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spinkb @ Wed Jul 16 09:55:09 EEST 2014
Its unlikely to be possible. Maybe for HTTP(s) it can as that includes some additional headers for the client's true IP. That way a client can be banned correctly, but you always have to have the load balancer in the never ban list to protect things.

The load balancer is using the actual that is the only IP CrushFTP can ever see.

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