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SFTP version 6 and roadmap

ulicky @ Sun Jul 13 08:05:19 EEST 2014
Hi, im evaluating your product. Do you think that in future you raise version of SFTP protocol from 3 to 6? It is 5 years standardized. For example remote CRC can highly save bandwidth.
Second question is is there any roadmap of future releases?
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spinkb @ Sun Jul 13 17:07:26 EEST 2014
We should be updated on that part of SFTP in the next couple months. When 7.0 was initially released we were using v5 of SFTP, but had to roll back due to stability issues in the library we relied on. We have not had a chance to go back and try and implement that library again. We definitely will, but it wasn't smooth last time so we need to do more testing.

No specific "roadmap", but we do have a continuous queue of requests waiting to be worked on. You can expect us to have some more native clients to interact with CrushFTP. You see that currently with our outlook plugin, and CrushFTPDrive, CrushSync, etc. So we are looking at ways to make working with CrushFTP work more natively. This includes iOS and android apps soon too.

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