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logging improvements

ulicky @ Wed Jul 09 13:07:06 EEST 2014
Hello, it is possible to improve logging in 2 ways?
First: ignore logging for some user or IP? for example monitoring tool is accessing server in 5 minutes interval and logs are complete mess
Second: Logging to some "Apache like format" for automated log parsing. Like
14/03/02 14:23:28, 37287,, username, RETR C:dataile.txt from 0 to 34866 in 00:00:01 at 34.049 KBytes/s : ok


spinkb @ Wed Jul 09 13:11:57 EEST 2014
Sorry, the logging format won't be changing. Apache does HTTP.

CrushFTP does HTTP, reverse proxy, Socks, HTTP proxy, FTP, FTPES, FTPS, SCP SFTP, SSH tunnel, HTTP Tunnel, Jobs...each of which does there own infinite possibility of complex actions, and other dumps they can do, etc... We can't try and match an old tool that frankly, has terrible logs that don't provide enough info to debug an issue should one really occur. Just my opinion of Apache styled logs. We couldn't achieve the goal if we wanted to, but we also don't want to because we only see downsides in trying to achieve it.

As for filtering items out, you can do this in the prefs, logging, you can filter patterns away from logs. ** for example would remove any log entry containing that IP.

ulicky @ Sun Jul 13 08:01:50 EEST 2014
For example I need for audit which user downloaded what and when in some format like csv, whiich can be automatically parsed. CrushFTP from my evaluation is logging this, but information is heavily spitted and cannot be parsed :(
spinkb @ Sun Jul 13 17:04:00 EEST 2014
What about just using the reports? You can schedule a report to run, and I believe there is a report that will do what you want. You can export the data as CSV, or even email it out.

So I think you are already covered for what you need.

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