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High Availability on Windows Servers

brianly @ Thu Jul 03 21:30:17 EEST 2014
we are looking at implementing crushftp using the high availability option on windows servers.
I understand the combination of Session Replication and Server Beat so we have a single virtual IP address that moves between the two servers and session replication ensures a users session is valid on both servers.
What happens with the storage assigned to the servers? Does replicating the session ensure that any data transferred to the active server is on both servers? So if the active server fails the data already transferred is available on the other server when we fail over?
Or do we have to share storage so both servers see the same volume? Not a trivial task in Windows.
I assume both servers have to be licensed with Enterprise in this configuration?

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spinkb @ Fri Jul 11 15:13:10 EEST 2014

Let me apologize for the delay. We normally get an email notification on forum posts so we can come in and answer questions. Someone how your email notification didn't reach our inbox, or a support staff accidentally archived it thinking the forum had been replied to. If you ever have a delay, please by all means email us directly at support. You should never have to even wait a day for a reply, we try and be very responsive. We don't intentionally leave someone waiting. So I apologize.

To answer your questions...

HA needs two licenses, correct.

Its expected you will have a shared network server, a SAN, or windows file server, etc. Something common the data would be getting stored on.

There are ways CrushFTP can do dual write to write data in multiple places, but this isn't ideal for HA as if the opposite side is down, the VFS in crush becomes read only since it can't guarantee the data is written, and it doesn't do journals to change it later when it is available.

Hope this helps. Again, sorry or the delay.

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