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Account expiry variable

jbalcaen @ Thu Jul 03 16:21:10 EEST 2014
I am trying to display the date that is in the item in the user.xml file, into an email template but I'm unsuccessful.

According to the wiki (
), every item in the user's user.xml file can be referenced with a "%user_%".

So I tried inserting %user_% in my email template, however it litterally displays the text and does not display the account expire info. I'm unable to reference anything from the user.xml (ie: email, lastname) file using the %user_% formula.

Other variables like user_name and user_pass work.

I tried interchanging the % % for { } but it doesn't make a difference.

Thanks for the help.

spinkb @ Thu Jul 03 16:43:33 EEST 2014
It would be:




jbalcaen @ Fri Jul 04 16:27:36 EEST 2014
Thank you for that! %user_account_expire% works.
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