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FTP does't let me download a PDF-Document with Firefox in the Preview-mode

kruben @ Tue Jul 01 09:51:13 EEST 2014

On our Server is a PDF-ducument and i want to open it with Firefox in the preview-mode. On other browsers or Plug-ins it works. Only in the preview-mode it doesnt work. It download the file only up to ~20%.

The CrushFTP writes an Error:
WROTE: *Event skipped since file download size didn't match:27616700!=27616700

dont know why its not going. On every other Software it runs. If I download the file from another server it works with the firefox, too. Realy dont know why.


Solyom84 @ Tue Jul 01 09:59:31 EEST 2014
Hi, kruben.

You should try and update your CrushFTP version and build to the latest version and build, as Firefox was reporting different the file size and we did an update yesterday to fix this issue.

You should get to the latest CrushFTP 7.0.2_247
To update your CrushFTP 7 to the latest build go to Admin>>ServerAdmin>>About tab click on the UpdateNow button.

If you are on CrushFTP 6 or any older version you should consider upgrading to CrushFTP 7, to have this issue solved on firefox.

To upgrade to CrushFTP 7 use the brow link:

kruben @ Tue Jul 01 10:05:38 EEST 2014
Thanks for the quick respond. That could be the solution!. The FTP is on version 6.5.0 . Hopefully it works.

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