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Spam filters and sharing

jvamos @ Tue Jun 24 14:50:07 EEST 2014
Hey all,

I have checked the blacklists, spam databases for a trace of my email address but it seems to be clear. Something about the link being tucked into the email or possibly the language used in the email itself causes many of my shared files to go straight into the recipients spam folder. What is the best way to make sure this doesn't happen?


spinkb @ Thu Jul 03 11:03:18 EEST 2014
(Sorry for the delay, we accidentally unwatched this forum and did not realize there were spots pending. We realized today and are following up now.)

Does your link point to a dynamic non static ip?

If so, many email providers automatically consider that a spam message (they know what IPs are dynamic and what are considered static.) So that would trigger a spam.

jvamos @ Thu Jul 03 11:51:53 EEST 2014
No it usually points to a domain that was hosted by

Now that Microsoft has seized many of them maybe it is related to being from those domains that were under suspicion from Microsoft. is how it appears in the emails.


spinkb @ Thu Jul 03 12:20:36 EEST 2014
Your DNS is fine. It still works. MS did not disable it, or has resolved that by now.

But this DNS trace routes to:

Which I guess is your ISP...? And your Ip is not static.

jvamos @ Thu Jul 03 13:01:22 EEST 2014
Our IP addres [i]is[/i] static at xx.xx.xx.xx so it shouldn't be related to that. It must go deeper. It is only some clients who have the issue.
And yes, you are correct our DNS is working again! Situation resolved on that front.

spinkb @ Thu Jul 03 13:03:20 EEST 2014
If you have a static IP, then by *all* means...go get a real DNS entry. no-ip should never be used for a static IP.

Otherwise, you are probably lumped into the * spam server category...

$20 a year or so for a DNS entry...well worth it.

jvamos @ Thu Jul 03 13:09:42 EEST 2014
Along with SSL certs I think it is a great idea. The problem is it works for free, so convincing anyone to pay more is difficult on this end. Thanks for the input Ben it really does clear things up.
spinkb @ Thu Jul 03 13:10:50 EEST 2014 working, gets flagged as spam, and looks less professional, yes. :)
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