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How do I change the logo link on the login page under CrushFTP 7.0.2?

markli @ Tue Jun 24 07:18:40 EEST 2014
Below "Preferences / Webinterface / Options" I have specified a custom logo file.

Is there a custom JavaScript statement that I can enter under "Preferences / Webinterface / Login Page / Custom JavaScript"?

What is the best practice...?

spinkb @ Tue Jun 24 07:46:59 EEST 2014
Yes, you can do custom javascript...but what are you wanting to customize?
markli @ Tue Jun 24 07:53:04 EEST 2014
I want to change the URL that opens when you click on the custom logo on the login page.
vipul @ Tue Jun 24 09:35:03 EEST 2014
Please use this custom javascript to change the URL of logo

$("#defaultLogoLink").attr("href", "");

Paste it in : Preferences -> Webinterface -> Login Page -> Custom JavaScript
markli @ Tue Jun 24 10:05:28 EEST 2014
Great, that works.

Thank you.

You can use the below code to have the window open in a new window.

$("#defaultLogoLink").attr("href", "");
$("#defaultLogoLink").attr("target", "_blank");


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