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Uploading folder from FireFox or IE

tin @ Fri Jun 20 07:09:58 EEST 2014

I am using Chrome in which all of the below works. The problem exists only in IE and FF.

In IE (11) when I try to drag&drop it doesn't work...when I drag file or folder to IE window it doesn't show me the "Drop here and upload" yellow area. Is this known issue or maybe feature? We all know that Microsoft doesn't have bugs, only features :)

And in FireFox (30.0) I can drag&drop files and folders, but when I try to upload folder I get error: ERROR: Access denied. (You do not have permission or the file extension is not allowed.) Permission are not problem because I can upload folder with same user in Chrome. When I try to upload files, all works fine.

Any idea how to solve this?
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spinkb @ Fri Jun 20 07:36:12 EEST 2014
Your IE is running in a compatibility mode most likely. So its missing DND mode. Use IE11 and be sure CrushFTP is 7.0.2_220+.

Only Chrome supports folder uploads natively in the browser. All other browsers need the java applet enabled.

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