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Running tasks when files uploaded in specific folder names

maguns @ Wed Jun 18 08:43:00 EEST 2014
I'm new to CrushFTP and the way of dealing with tasks in the software.
How do I create a task that moves a file when it's uploaded in a folder containing for example "pages" or "pdf" in its (folder)name? To be more specific. A user have two folders in their root folder: "incoming_pdf" and "stuff". When the user uploads to the folder "stuff" - no task.
When the user uploads to the folder "incoming_pdf" the uploaded files is moved to another folder on the file system and an e-mail is sent.
I can see that the Move task "out of the box" can do this for every file a user uploads but I want it restricted to a specific folder (folder name containing a specific string)

This is done in our current ftp server (ServeU) and we are looking into alternatives to that it ;)

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spinkb @ Thu Jun 19 10:14:43 EEST 2014
A little different than your current email question...

Set the event to only apply to uploads in /incoming_pdf/ to make it only trigger for that folder.

Or do a copy task time that has a filter item matching this pattern: */incoming_pdf/*

Or...the jump task method you are doing now.

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