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Admin Login Fails

Barry01 @ Mon Jun 16 10:27:58 EEST 2014
I installed the latest version of Crush on a Windows 2008 machine. I launched CrushFTP.exe and created the admin user, crushadmin.

Then I clicked on "start temporary server" and went to the ip address the pop up gave. When I login, it says "Login failed. Access denied 530..."

One time it warned that my IP would be banned.

spinkb @ Mon Jun 16 14:02:49 EEST 2014
Make a new, unique admin username in the GUI window. Then assign a simple but secure password avoiding special characters.

Then try and login.

Is this a machine hat previously ran CrushFTP v4 or v5?

Barry01 @ Mon Jun 16 14:08:07 EEST 2014
No, this is a fresh installation.
spinkb @ Mon Jun 16 14:09:51 EEST 2014
OK, and results of making a new fresh unique admin username and pass?
Barry01 @ Mon Jun 16 14:55:33 EEST 2014
created another admin user
Another 503 error.

Deleted the whole install, re-unzipped into a new directory. Executed CrushFTP.exe and it gives the message "It appears you are running this from a locked disk. Please copy the application folder to a location where it has full access to it's own folder. (or run as an administrator)"

I am logged in as an administrator.

Went ahead and created the admin user cruchadmin. Didn't work. Created user barry with pwd barry - that didn't work either..

I get to the page when I hit localhost with a port, but I get "page can't be displayed" using the computer's IP or localhost without port 8080 or 9090.
spinkb @ Mon Jun 16 15:35:49 EEST 2014
Your OS is restricting something...maybe the location where you placed the CrushFTP folder?

Right click and choose run as administrator.

Or right click and choose Run As... and turn off the run with restrictions checkbox.

Then try things.

Let me know,
Barry01 @ Mon Jun 16 15:42:21 EEST 2014
I installed it in C:program filescrushftp
spinkb @ Mon Jun 16 15:48:30 EEST 2014
Fine, but your OS is restricting program there by default. CrushFTP needs full access to its own folder when its running.

So do the right click methods I mentioned and report back what changes.

Users get written into the "users/MainUsers" folder if they re created when you click the admin button. So you can verify if the user is being generated.

Barry01 @ Mon Jun 16 15:55:22 EEST 2014
Thank you, choosing "run as administrator" worked.

Surprised me as I am logged in as administrator.
spinkb @ Mon Jun 16 15:56:14 EEST 2014
Yeah, but this is windows, and so MS "protects" you.
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