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Suggestion: Public Upload folders for Users

sexy-trousers @ Thu Jun 12 13:55:21 EEST 2014
Hi, I know a couple of other products/services have this functionality, but I think it would be a great addition to Crush...

Can you make an option under the user to "Allow Public Upload", which would essentially automatically create a public url for each user (with the option enabled) that allows public, non-authenticated users with the url to upload files (drag and drop would be nice) and trigger an email to the users defined email address (perhaps default to the users email, but allow an email override if desired?). The uploading user would have to provide some basic details (email address and optionally their name and a comment) before any upload would work...

What do you think? Useful?

Thanks, TJ

spinkb @ Mon Aug 11 17:09:15 EEST 2014
Using the method I mentioned, you can effectively do this already.

The server admin makes an event for users for when shared users login and upload...

Then you as an end user, make a folder...then share it, by reference, full access. You can set the full access permissions to remove view and download access making it safe for different people to upload to it.

Now you have a link that expires in say 365 days which can be used by anyone to upload you files,a dn you will be notified about it...and so can every other user in your server, etc.

I'll keep the idea of using a special token in a folder name to allow for uploading, but its not something that fits architecturally currently.

sexy-trousers @ Mon Aug 11 09:36:42 EEST 2014
I had another thought - it may be more simple solution.

How about if there were a special VFS folder attribute you apply to a folder make it a "parameter folder" or "ghost folder", something that was for upload only and allowed you to enter/navigate to sub-folders that didn't exist. You could then use an event/task to capture the virtual/non-existent folder path the user uploaded to and use those ghost folder names as parameters in your event/task.

There are two options I see here... Once specifically tailored to my first request, the other more complicated but more flexible.

1) For the personal upload folder only version you add two new attributes for VFS folders - Personal Folder Source and Personal Folder Destination. For each user that wants a personal upload folder, you create (or inherit) a folder in the users VFS and mark that as your personal folder destination. You can then mark one folder on the anonymous/other user account as a personal folder source, sub folders under this folder could either ghost/virtual folders that are simply mapped to users personal upload folders on the fly from info from the db or these folders could be built as actual virtual VFS folders on the source account when the users accounts are edited to allow for personal upload folders...

2) Using my original request as an example, you could create one of these ghost folders for the anonymous login account, users could put a link in their email footer like "Send me a file using", the sending user could navigate directly to this folder and upload a file/folder, an event could then be triggered which would create user variables of the ghost folder path which could then be used to look up the receiving users account details/email etc., route the files/folders where ever you need and trigger email notifications etc. - this could use used for all sorts of purposes, allowing custom parameters to be passed to events (job/ticket id's email address, invoice numbers, keys etc).

spinkb @ Wed Aug 06 15:04:00 EEST 2014
OK, so a slightly different scenario on this...

Would this fit your need?

The events section would have another type of event, "shared user:" and then a similar list of event types:
connects, accepts disclaimer, uploads, downloads, deletes, etc.

This would give you the per user basis your looking for, allow for inheritance, reuse, etc.

It can't be a simple button press to enable this, because I guarantee you even you will want this customized from what we might decide is the way to do it.

But I agree in that shares that are created is a common practice users do, but this adds more flexibility in what CrushFTP can do, while fitting in with existing interfaces in a clean way. Give your feedback, but this is the current plan.

sexy-trousers @ Mon Jul 28 12:02:22 EEST 2014
CrushFTP is really flexible - no debate there, but that isn't without complexity. Allowing this type of functionality by a check box in the user config is something that i would find useful and I'm others would too...

Although your solution would work, how do you handle enabling/disabling this at the individual user level? Being able to have a blind upload form/address for each user just makes the management simple (from an admin perspective) - I still think the request has merit, but if you prefer to not implement a streamlined version of it, then that's entirely up to you.

Thanks for getting back to me.

spinkb @ Fri Jul 25 18:12:20 EEST 2014
I've thought about your request for quite a while now, staring at it almost daily in the support inbox queue.

I'm not sure it would be a good thing to add something specifically like this in CrushFTP. Its already possible, and maybe just a mini guide on how to get what your looking for is what we should do...but for now, I'll explain it here.

The TempAccount user is the user that applies to all shares that are done. So what you would do is create a new "upload" event on the TempAccount user. Set the FROM to be "%user_emailTo%" and the TO to be "%user_emailFrom%". If you like you can also do a download event too with the same config.

You can also specify a custom upload from be used for TempAccounts in the User Manager, WebInterface section, custom forms.

Now your end user "Bob" can make a folder called "ben", and right click share it, type in Ben's email, enable full access, and send. Ben gets the email, clicks the link, drags a file into the browser, fills out the custom from (if any) and logs out. Bob gets an email that a file has been uploaded by Ben, and he goes and checks it out.

So your "non authenticated" user is someone who clicks the public link that Bob gave them to allows receiving a file.

So you can already do what your asking for, with a ton of customizability to get it just the way you want it too, perform extra actions, etc.

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