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Add users direct to MySQL

markus @ Wed Jun 11 07:56:23 EEST 2014
We currently use the Crushftp Professional version. Now we have the requirement that crushftp users are automatically created by our webapplication.
Currently we have a webapplication with a members area for our customer. And we would like to create a personal link in the members area for each customer which Point to the crushftp. Therefore the webapplication had to take care about the usermanagement for the crushftp. The current plan is that our webapplication fills a MySQL database with the necessary fields like username, password, VFS folder. And crushftp use this MySQL as userdatabase. But first we want to know if this is the right way to start this project, or if there exists a better way for our needs like a feature in the Enterprise version of crushftp which has this connector already implemented.
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spinkb @ Thu Jul 03 11:06:37 EEST 2014
(Sorry for the delay, we accidentally unwatched this forum and did not realize there were spots pending. We realized today and are following up now.)

You may want to consider MagicDirectory. It involved making an account by making a folder name.

ben--pass is the username ben and password pass. If you don't need complex scenarios created, that may be an easy integration method.

Otherwise setting CrushFTP to use a SQL DB and mimicking the table structure needed would be possible, or directly making and managing the XML file for a user, or using the command line to execute a CrushFTP command to make a user, etc. There are various options.

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