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Links to public Shares

lanepulcini @ Mon Jun 02 14:13:56 EEST 2014
I'm just wondering if there is any way to go one step further and send a direct link to a single file to download, instead of to the folder containing the document. I'm trying create a link that will automatically start to download a public share file without having to click the file from within the site itself.

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Then your TempAccount is disabled, or deleted.  Re-make it, and keep it enabled.

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conex-gmbh @ Tue Jun 03 16:09:33 EEST 2014
If you share a single file and create a link to it (right click on that file or via button "share"), you will receive a direct download link to this file... Isn't it like that on your installation?
lanepulcini @ Tue Jun 03 16:33:20 EEST 2014
I can send the link to a user but the link first takes them to the login page. I'm trying to be able to bypass that as well. I've tried something like below, but can't get it to work: but that does not start the download automatically, it just takes them to the page where they can download the file.
conex-gmbh @ Thu Jun 05 00:59:43 EEST 2014
Are you using the "copy link" function/button or the share function? With "copy link", you will get a link that directs you to the login page and after login, to the file.

You have to use "Share", then choose/check "Direct link to file?" and then send. The link you will get then, is a direct download-link.

Hope that helps.

Hi there, I tried via the "share" option "direct link to file" checked, but I still get the login page instead of the direct download link..

Hope someone can help me, thanks.


Then your TempAccount is disabled, or deleted.  Re-make it, and keep it enabled.

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