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Shared a folder - how to make guest uploads go to that folder?

djivesp @ Sat May 24 09:42:17 EEST 2014
Hi guys,

I hope the title explains my problem.

Basically I have user 'A' wanting to share a few of his folders with some guests via email link, and he wants guests to upload stuff to those folders.
When those guests upload files, user A cannot see them in the folder he shared, because they go to a temp location that is only visible with the link. This is a problem because user A wants to access those files over the network (server is on lan).

What is the point then of sharing that particular folder, when the uploads don't actually go there? Is there any way to just use that folder as the end location instead of the temp location?

Thank you

spinkb @ Sat May 24 10:48:03 EEST 2014
Either use the same share link to see the same temp folder, or when making the share, share by reference and not by copy.

Then the uploads go to the same folder that was shared.

djivesp @ Sat May 24 10:57:40 EEST 2014
Ahh yes "reference" solved it, thanks for such a fast response!

Out of interest, what does "reference" mean, is it creating aliases for the uploaded files into the shared folder, or are the files actually going there? I don't want the temp location to be increasing in size as my main storage is on a different drive.

spinkb @ Sat May 24 12:15:36 EEST 2014
The files actually go into the folder. There is no temp storage being used.
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