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Seting up default folders/shares

yolinares @ Tue May 20 23:32:45 EEST 2014
I feel like this is super simple and that I'm missing something super obvious so here goes a dumb question?

When I create a new user I want it to have access to folder a, b, and c on my server. So I go to the default user, add those folders to the default user and save my changes. When I go to create a new user those folders are not automatically added to the user and they can't see those folders. Any other changes I make to the default user get passed along. Am I missing something here?

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spinkb @ Wed May 21 01:09:00 EEST 2014
The VFS for new users overrides the inherited settings for the VFS from the default user. And this is usually what you would want anyway.

On your default user, use the VFS linking area, and VFS link the default user to...the default user.

Now when you make a new user, they will inherit the VFS linking, which will give them those items when they login. You won't see them in the User Manager in the user's individual VFS, but they will have access tot hem.

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