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Ver 7 Temp Server working but not Service

MarkJGraham @ Thu May 15 16:25:19 EEST 2014
I am upgrading from version 4 to 7.

I copied the user and preferences, created the admin account, and launched the temp server.

After some tweaking of settings, all my users are working and the server works fine. Installed my registration.

I installed the service, and made sure it was running and shut down the temp server.

And nothing works. No web admin, no FTP no nothing. I get no connections, just time-outs.

If I stop the service and start the temp server, it all starts working again.

I've removed the service, rebooted the machine, and re-installed the service. Same results.

Windows 7

Any other ideas on what to try? Currently I have the temp server running so my users can access files, but obviously that's not ideal.

Solyom84 @ Thu May 15 16:29:24 EEST 2014
Hi, MarkJGraham.

There might be several issues.

From the CrushFTP GUI remove the daemon. Remove all Java installs, install the latest java, and run the CrushFTP GUI as an admin and install the service like that.

Does that solve the issue?

MarkJGraham @ Fri May 16 06:47:20 EEST 2014
I tried all that, exactly as stated.

Same problem

Temp server works great.

Service running, neither the web interface nor the FTP server respond to any connection attempts.
Solyom84 @ Fri May 16 06:49:18 EEST 2014
Can you email us directly on the so that we can do a screen sharing session and see what might be the issue?

MarkJGraham @ Fri May 16 08:54:47 EEST 2014
Ok, email sent.

MarkJGraham @ Fri May 16 09:08:38 EEST 2014
I did narrow one more thing down. I can connect to the service from the computer it's installed on, but not from any other machine. But I can connect from other machines to the Temp Server.

Could it be the windows firewall? I've added CrushFTP to the firewall, but I wonder if for the service, I have to add something else?
MarkJGraham @ Fri May 16 09:10:06 EEST 2014
Actually, that's what it is. When I turn off the firewall, I can connect from another computer.

What do I need to add to the firewall to allow the service to work?
Solyom84 @ Fri May 16 09:11:32 EEST 2014
You need to add the ports not the application, as CrushFTP is running as a service, and services can not be configured in OS firewall.

MarkJGraham @ Fri May 16 09:21:17 EEST 2014
Ok, I added the PASV ports (as configured by my preferences page), port 21, and 443, and the webinterface and FTP seem to be working now.

Thank you.
av_tiuk @ Tue May 27 07:33:57 EEST 2014
Just wanted to say thanks, I had the same problem and adding a firewall rule solved it.
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