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Allow anonymous download links but no Webinterface

TheLastV8 @ Tue May 13 04:42:47 EEST 2014
Hi to all,
I'm setting up Crushftp at the moment and we're pretty happy with it, so thanks to the team for creating that software!
I want to be able to send links to files on our server and allow anonymous downloads but I don't want to enable any webinterface except for a certain IP range. An alternative could be to only show a login screen to anonymous users, but no other interface.
I know I can close down the normal interface pretty much which I've done already, but it would be nicer if anonymous couldn't see or do anything, except download specific files after I sent them a link to it.
Any nice way how that can be done?

spinkb @ Tue May 13 10:21:14 EEST 2014
Your not really describing anonymous. Anonymous is how you downloaded the CrushFTP software, anyone in t eh world at any time can come and get things your giving out, anonymously.

Your just describing a sharing link. And you don't need to do anything except share something, and provide that link to people and they can use that link.

TheLastV8 @ Tue May 13 10:48:11 EEST 2014
Hi Ben, thanks for answering so quickly,
I see where you're going with this, and I think I spotted the difference between anonymous and sharing already. I'm looking for a way of just copying the link from the webinterface with a user who has the rights to use that interface and provide it maybe multiple times to someone who will just download that file "anonymously".
From my understanding sharing the same file or folder is different from that and would require additional steps from the "sharing" user instead of just copying the link.
For example my serveraddress is [i][/i] where e.g. the companys homepage is, nothing, a simple website just asking for a login, anything but landing directly in the webinterface of crushftp.
But if I send a link to [i][/i] anyone who knows that link could download. I know that's more or less a simple http webdownload but doing it with Crushftp would provide me much more functionality for user who have logins and need more features. I thinking to complicated or wrong here?
spinkb @ Tue May 13 12:24:28 EEST 2014
Sharing is different, but the only way copying that link would work like your saying is if you already and the file available for anonymous access...and you couldn't in your scenario.

So you should use the quick share, which makes a link on demand,a nd gives you a link to pass out to people.

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