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V6 to V7 upgrade - user copy problems

stevefnz @ Mon May 05 19:58:37 EEST 2014
I have just completed an upgrade from V6 to V7 on Ubuntu Headless server

The server is up and running all ok and the users are connecting all good , but my user triggers stopped working

i copied the user file from v6 as per the wiki upgrade instructions

I now see i cannot edit any of the users that came from V6 ... odd they can still login etc etc but i cant edit their admin setup , i get a java error

all the users load ok and are visible in the left side user list pane , strange i have three default users tho ?

if i click any user other than the default ones i get this error

java.lang.Exception: User not found:jacksftp text
Username : jacksftp

spinkb @ Tue May 06 01:00:36 EEST 2014
Are you sure you moved the users folder form v6 to v7? Just the folder in the CrushFTP folder that contains the XML files.

What is your structure of the users folder to a user?


stevefnz @ Tue May 06 01:35:59 EEST 2014
yep i copied the var/opt/CrushFTP6_PC/Users Directory , and i just recopied it again

now i cant see any of my users

seems they are all under the MainUsers directory and V7 has created another users directory with only the default account in it ?

so my dir structure has an extra users dir ??

here is my structure based on terminal output

ftpman@ftpserver:~$ cd /var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC
ftpman@ftpserver:/var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC$ dir
backup jobs Preview
CrushFTP.exe logs sessions.obj statsDB nohup.out ssh_host_dsa_key syncsDB
CrushFTP.jar plugins users
CrushFTP.log prefs.XML ssh_host_rsa_key WebInterface
ftpman@ftpserver:/var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC$ cd users
ftpman@ftpserver:/var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC/users$ dir
extra_vfs MainUsers users
ftpman@ftpserver:/var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC/users$ cd MainUsers
ftpman@ftpserver:/var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC/users/MainUsers$ dir
default groups.XML jacksftp Paritai76 TempAccount
farmer76 inheritance.XML okahuftp remoteadmin
ftpman@ftpserver:/var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC/users/MainUsers$ cd ..
ftpman@ftpserver:/var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC/users$ cd users
ftpman@ftpserver:/var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC/users/users$ dir
default groups.XML inheritance.XML
stevefnz @ Tue May 06 01:55:20 EEST 2014
oops seems my recopy from v6 fixed it

i didn't realise the user manager has a connection group and it was in users not MainUsers , seems all OK now
Thanks Ben
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