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Questions about licenses

lanepulcini @ Fri May 02 11:00:33 EEST 2014
I have a couple questions after reading the "Enterprise License Enhancements" page on the Wiki:

1) Are CrushTask's completely taken out of the Professional version? or just "Jump Conditionals"?

2) Does Radius authentication mean specifically a "Radius Server" or does the LDAP plugin fall into this category?

Solyom84 @ Fri May 02 11:31:34 EEST 2014
Hi, lanepulcini

CrushTask can be run from the events for example, you can't schedule them in jobs, and the Jump conditionals are not available in the Normal licenses.

The LDAP plugin can be used even on normal licenses.

lanepulcini @ Fri May 02 11:37:32 EEST 2014
Thank you very much.
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