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Help . . .howto change passwords for a batch of users ?

compound @ Thu May 01 08:45:54 EEST 2014
Hello, I am wondering if someone can help me with the following issue:

Currently struggling on changing passwords for a huge number of users.
I thought to export all users with passwords to xml, then change passwords, and import the batch again.
While trying to export, it comes with an error: "Error:java.lang.NullPointerException".

I am running Crush Ftp Version 6.3.0 Build : 32.

Who can help out ?


spinkb @ Thu May 01 10:55:04 EEST 2014
The first thing you should do is update to the latest v6 build. It make snow ensue to stay on 6.3 when 6.5 is a free update and has many different bug fixes. So do that first.

Secondly, help me understand why you would be changing everyone's passwords? You have a list somewhere is password you want to use?

You could probably script this into CrushFTP to set the passwords on all the accounts.

Let me know,
compound @ Mon May 12 08:13:04 EEST 2014
Ok, updated successfully.

But faults are still there:

Import/Export Users

Testing Database

Yes, we want to supply users with a new pass.
spinkb @ Mon May 12 10:12:19 EEST 2014
Why do you think your currently using a DB for your users? The default is XML. The fact that you get an error suggest you have never used SQL for holding users...which is good as it only complicates things, and for 99% of users, its not needed.

So just go check your Xml files in the users folder.

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