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email address variable from share form or Tempaccount for an event

benh @ Wed Apr 30 16:34:30 EEST 2014
I'm trying to create an event that emails the user that shared the file it was downloaded. I can get it to send an email to a static email.

Is there a variable that i can call for the "From" and "To" form fields that where used when sharing a file.

Is there a variable that i can pull the email account sent to from the created Temp Account that was created for the share?

Ben H

Solyom84 @ Wed Apr 30 16:58:13 EEST 2014
Hi, Ben H.

You can use the %user_emailTo% and %user_emailFrom% variables, to achieve your goal.

benh @ Thu May 01 15:10:35 EEST 2014
Thanks for the quick response Solyom84,

I tried to used that variable in the TempAccount> Event> Send Email in both the From/To and Body Fields with no luck. I tried wrapping it in a tag as well but same result. The event happens when user downloads the file.

Is there something special that i have to do so it accepts the variable? Ideas?

Solyom84 @ Thu May 01 16:50:53 EEST 2014
You should try and use the %user_emailTo% variable in the from field and the %user_emailFrom% in the to field, so that the person who created the share can get an email from the person who received the share and downloaded the file

benh @ Thu May 01 17:21:27 EEST 2014
Working now :) Thanks
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